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Vote to get Goalball on the Canada 150 Playlist

Dear Members and Supporters:
Canadian Blind Sports has entered Goalball in the Canada 150 Playlist through ParticipAction. The Playlist is in celebration of Canada’s 150th Anniversary in 2017. Voting is on now for the sports which will be on the Playlist. In order to ensure that the Playlist includes Goalball, please circulate the following links for voting as widely as possible and encourage people to vote for goalball. Please note that you can vote every day until December 9th. I have asked ParticipAction for a French version of the information also – French and English links are below. I will forward the digital tools and other information when I receive it.

Please ask people to let us know if they experience any accessibility difficulties with the voting webpage – this is important to us.
Thank you for your assistance !

Info from ParticipAction:
The 150 Play List voting and submission campaign has launched and the race is on to get your sports and activities included on the list!
Help us celebrate the 150th anniversary of the confederation of Canada and reawaken the desire and pride of all Canadians to regularly take part in sport and physical activity.

Tell me how to get my sports and activities on the list!

Help make sure that the sports and physical activities that your organization offers make it on the list by encouraging your members to vote and submit sports and physical activities below (next week we’ll be sending you some digital tools to help you spread the word!). Minister of Sport and Persons with Disabilities, Carla Qualtrough, is making sure her faves make the list and you should too!

English Website Link:

French Website Link:ès-150-de-participaction

Please VOTE and help get Goalball on the Canada 150 Playlist.

Jane D Blaine, CEO
Association canadienne des sports pour aveugles / Canadian Blind Sports Association

Rio 2016 : Médaillés de Goalball

Match – Médaille d’or Chine 1 c. Turquie 4
Match – Médaille de bronze Brésil 2 c. États Unis 3

Femmes : Classement final
Or TUR Turquie
Argent CHN Chine
Bronze USA États Unis
4 BRA Brésil
5 JPN Japon
6 CAN Canada
7 ISR Israël
8 UKR Ukraine
9 AUS Australie
10 ALG Algérie

Match – Médaille d’or États Unis 8 c. Lituanie 14
Match – Médaille de bronze Brésil 6 c. Suède 5

Hommes : Classement final
Or LTU Lituanie
Argent USA États Unis
Bronze BRA Brésil
4 SWE Suède
5 TUR Turquie
6 GER Allemagne
7 CHN Chine
8 CAN Canada
9 FIN Finlande
10 ALG Algérie

Rio 2016 Jeux Paralympiques : Goalball

Match – Médaille d’or
Chine c. Turquie

Match – Médaille de bronze
Brésil c. États Unis

Resultats: Demi-finales
Brésil 3 c Chine 4
Turquie 11 c États Unis 1


Match – Médaille d’or
États Unis c. Lituanie

Match – Médaille de bronze
Brésil c. Suède

Resultats: Demi-finales
Brésil 1 c. États Unis 10
Lituanie 7 c Suède 2

Rio 2016 Jeux Paralympiques : Demi-finales – Goalball

Demi-finales: femmes
Brésil c. Chine
Turquie c. États Unis

Demi-finales hommes
Brésil c. États Unis
Lituanie c. Suède

Resultats: cuarts de final:
Brésil 10 c. Ukraine 0,
Chine 5 c. Japon 3,
Turquie 15 c. Israël 5 and
États Unis 2 c. Canada 0

Brésil 10 c. Chine 3,
États Unis 7 c. Allemagne 6,
Lituanie 5 c. Canada 4, et
Suède 5 c. Turquie 1

Les cuarts de final: Goalball

Les cuarts de final:
Brésil vs Ukraine,
Chine vs Japon,
Turquie vs Israël and
États Unis vs Canada

Brésil vs Chine,
États Unis vs Allemagne,
Lituanie vs Canada, and
Suède vs Turquie