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15th Annual Montreal Open Goalball Tournament and Officials Clinic

15th Annual Montreal Open Goalball Tournament
When: January 23-25, 2015
Who: 10 men teams and 6 women teams will compete

For more information, please contact Nathalie at

Officials Clinic

There will be an officials clinic taking place January 22-25th, 2015.

There would be no cost but participants will pay their own transportation and lodging.

IBSA criteria:
• Candidates for Level I – must have at least 3 years national experience, minimum of 20 games as a referee or 10 different tournaments as a table official.
Annually, Level I Referees must referee a minimum of 4 games at 2 different local or international events (total 8 games).

• Level I – if one year missed, must re-qualify as Level I

Level I candidates will be examined by a Course Conductor or a Senior Course Conductor. Examination to certify at this level can occur at any national or international event. Candidates must attend a two/three-day course and pass an open-book written examination and a practical examination, both in English.

If you are interested in being a part of this clinic, please contact or

Goalball Nationals

We are very pleased to announce the date and location of Senior and Junior Nationals for 2015.

Junior Nationals
Where: W. Ross MacDonald School (Brantford, Ontario)
When: April 10th-12th, 2015

Senior Nationals
Where: Upper Canada College (200 Lonsdale Rd, Toronto, ON M4V 1W6)
When: April 17th – 19th, 2015

There are a block of rooms booked at a Holiday Inn just north of the College at a discounted rate of $119/room.

Holiday Inn Toronto Bloor Yorkville
280 Bloor St W
Toronto, ON M5S 1V8
Phone 1-877-660-8550

Nathalie Seguin and Trent Farebrother named as Co-Coaches of Canadian Women’s Goalball Team

September 30, 2014

Vancouver, BC

Canadian Blind Sports is pleased to announce the appointment of Trent Farebrother & Nathalie Seguin as the Co-Coaches leading the Canadian Women’s National Goalball Team in the 2014-2015 season. CBSA is very excited to have these two well respected and skilled coaches leading the National Team into the 2015 IBSA Games in Seoul, South Korea and the 2015 Para Pan-Am Games in Toronto.

“I am very pleased with the selection of these successful coaches and know that they will be successful in leading our Women’s Goalball Team back to the podium in 2016 & 2020″ stated Shane Esau, High Performance Director for Canadian Blind Sports.

Canadian Blind Sports Association (CBSA) is the national governing body for competitive goalball in Canada. From supporting clubs to developing a competitive National Team, Canadian Blind Sports Association works to grow sport for individuals who are blind & visually impaired.

For more information:
Shane Esau
High Performance Director, Canadian Blind Sports Association

CBSA Goalball Commission

September 30, 2014

Canadian Blind Sports Association (CBSA) is seeking applications from individuals with a background in coaching Goalball, who would be interested in possible appointment to the CBSA Goalball Commission. A copy of the terms of reference for the Goalball Commission is attached. Please note that coaches who are in the CBSA Coaching Pool are not eligible for appointment to the Commission.

Goalball Commission Members are required to sign the CBSA Code of Conduct.

Please contact Jane Blaine, CEO, if you have any questions.

Expressions of interest, along with a resume can be submitted on or before October 15 2014 to the CEO at

Canadian Blind Sports
Approved by Board or Directors 2009-12-10
Terms of Reference – Goalball Commission

Commission Responsibility:
The Goalball Commission shall, in accordance with policy established by the Board of Directors of Canadian Blind Sports:
• oversee goalball competitions on behalf of the board
• make recommendations to staff on the organization, management, technical advancement and quality of opportunities within the Canadian Blind Sports Goalball Program.

General Commission Responsibilities
In accordance with the bylaws of Canadian Blind Sports, and within policy as set by the board of Canadian Blind Sports, the commission shall:
• Be consulted in the development and ongoing monitoring and upgrading of Long term goalball athlete development, coach development and official’s development models.
• Recommend and be consulted on educational opportunities for provinces to ensure capacity growth within provincial and domestic goalball programs of the association
• Provide input into the process for selection of national goalball team athletes
• Recommend to the board, the process of selection of goalball officials for:
o Canadian Blind Sports sanctioned events
o IBSA events and opportunities for Canadian officials
• Make recommendations to the board regarding the hosting and sanctioning of goalball events by Canadian Blind Sports
• Recommend to the board, the process to call for bids, award championships, sanction, and establish standards for the goalball events as follows:
o Senior nationals
o Junior nationals
o Other events as may be determined in consultation with the board
• Provide input to annual and quadrennial program planning to ensure the advancement of the goalball program
• Recommend to the board, appropriate goalball technical rule changes and modifications for use within Canada,
• Recommend to the board appropriate goalball rule changes for submission to International Blind Sports

Conflict of Interest and Bias: Commission members must ensure that they are not in conflict or bias in any discussions or decision in which they participate. Commission members shall sign the undertaking agreement.

Communications: All internal and all external communications shall be directed to / from the CBSA National office under the responsibility of the Executive Director/CEO or their designate.

The Sport Technical Officer shall chair the commission and shall be responsible to the Board of Canadian Blind Sports for the activities of the commission. The Sport Technical Officer shall, along with the board and staff, oversee the recruitment of additional sport commission members as described in the bylaws of Canadian Blind Sports and in accordance with policy as developed by the board from time to time. The chair shall
• Work with staff to oversee the operation of the commission
• Work with staff to call and set the agenda for meetings of the commission
• Be available to staff to provide technical expertise in-between commission meetings

Athlete Representatives:
Provide input to the commission representing the general needs, broad views, and overall interests of athletes within the organization.

Officials Representative:
Provide input to the commission representing the general needs, broad views, and overall interests of officials within the organization.

Role of Staff:
Ensure the preparation and distribution of minutes and reports of the commission meetings.

Executive Director: the key staff person who works with the commission. The Executive Director may delegate this responsibility to other staff. As the CEO, the Executive Director is responsible for the day to day operations of the association, including receipt and disbursement of all internal and external communications; including those of the goalball commission.

High Performance Director:
The key staff person responsible for the development and implementation of the goalball high performance program.

Participation Enhancement Director:
The key staff person responsible for participation programs.

Bienvenue Louise, récemment accueilli au poste de directrice des programmes domestiques!

Chers membres, amis et alliés de la communauté canadienne des sports pour aveugles!

L’Association canadienne des sports pour aveugles est très heureuse d’accueillir Louise Gaborieau [prononcé Gaboreo] au poste de directrice des programmes domestiques. Louise a travaillé pour des programmes axés sur le sport et la communauté pendant plusieurs années en Colombie-Britannique. Elle est titulaire d’un baccalauréat en éducation avec une majeure en éducation physique et a enseigné aux quatre coins du Canada et à l’étranger, tant en français qu’en anglais.

Louise se passionne pour le savoir-faire physique chez les enfants et pour l’élaboration de programmes de sport afin que tous les enfants aient l’occasion de participer. Louise est une personne connue de la communauté canadienne des sports pour aveugles. En 2012, elle a travaillé à l’élaboration de programmes au sein de notre organisation et a produit les populaires ressources « Goalball : Être actif! », qui sont disponibles sur le site Web de l’Association canadienne des sports pour aveugles.

Louise sera responsable des programmes domestiques, à partir des programmes de participation jusqu’aux championnats nationaux, comme l’énoncent les plans stratégiques et opérationnels de notre association. Louise se réjouit à l’idée de travailler avec les membres et les partenaires de notre association pour élaborer et évaluer la participation et les initiatives au pays, pour mettre en œuvre et parfaire les modèles de développement à long terme de l’athlète (DLTA), des entraîneurs et des officiels de l’ACSA et pour favoriser l’augmentation du nombre d’entraîneurs et de ressources pédagogiques.

Louise Gaborieau peut être jointe par courriel à l’adresse