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Clubs all over Canada are looking for experienced coaches and referees. Whether your experience comes from a para-sport or an able-bodied sport background, we offer Goalball coaching and refereeing clinics to get you up to speed. To get involved, email info@canadianblindsports.ca and we will contact you shortly. Thank you for your interest in Canadian Blind Sports and Goalball!


To ensure that every Goalball coach has the skills necessary for success, the NCCP and the Canadian Blind Sports Association have worked together to develop a Coach Development Model. This model guides coaches as they develop their skills.
This is Goalball’s NCCP coaching development model. As you can see, you can become one of two types of coaches: a club coach or a performance coach. A club coach is focused on grassroots, beginning, developing and recreational athletes, while a performance coach coaches athletes with a high-performance focus, such as a provincial or national team. Either way, the instruction you receive under the NCCP Coach Development Model will help you become familiar with the unique needs of athletes with a visual impairment.

Goalball NCCP Coach Pathway:

Community Goalball Coaching Model
Competition Development Coaching Model

Community Coach Pathway

Goalball Community Coach Clinic
Making Ethical Decisions – Community Module
Making Headway in Sport (Concussion Training)

Competition Development Coach Pathway

Competition Development Workshop
Multi-Sport Modules
Coaches Portfolio
Evaluation / Observation
Maintenance of Certification

Detailed Competition Development Coaching Model

Training Phase
1. Compeitition Development Workshop
2. Multi-Sport Modules
• Coaching and leading effectively
• Managing conflict
• Manage a sport program
• Prevention and recovery
• Leading drug-free sport
• Developping athletic abilities
• Psychology of performance
• Performance planning
• Advanced practice planning

Certification Phase
1. Register for evaluation with Canadian Blind Sports
2. Build Coaches Portfolio, which includes the following components”
a) Leadership Plan
b) Yearly Training Plan
c) 3 Practice Plans
d) Coach Assessment
e) Emergency Action Plan
f) Athlete / Team Orientation
g) Competition Report

3. Take Online Modules – Making Headway and Making Ethical Decisions
4. Observation by trained Evaluator (Training and Competition)

Professional Development Phase
Goalball coaches must earn 30 Professional Development points with NCCP or other Sport related professional development activities within 5 years
• Masters degree in High Performance coaching and Technical Leadership
• Advanced Coaching Diploma
• Learning Facilitator Training and Updates
• Evaluator Training and Updates
• Mentor Training and Updates
• Master Learning Facilitator and Evaluator Training and Updates

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