Recommendations for 2020/2021 AAP Carding

I am happy to announce the recommendations for 2020/2021 AAP Carding. As previously announced last year, we have extended the carding cycle by three months in order to better align with the international calendar.

With all athletes already having already received four months of carding in Phase 1 in October 2020, it meant that that there was a possible 11 months available during Phase 2.

With the carding quota remaining the same as previous years (6 Full Senior Level Cards), the maximum level of carding an athlete could receive is 15 SR Months (October 2020 – December 2021).

Using the recently developed Winning Style of Play Assessment and Gold Medal Profile Evaluation, athletes were ranked following game play assessment, individual skill assessment, physiological testing, psychological testing and an analysis of each athlete’s daily training environment commitment.

Following a very busy two days of testing, I am happy to confirm the recommendations for 2020/2021 AAP Carding is as follows:
• Amy Burk – 15 Months (SR Level)
• Brieann Baldock – 15 Months (C1 Level)
• Emma Reinke – 15 Months (SR Level)
• Maryam Salehizadeh – 15 Months (C1 Level)
• Meghan Mahon – 15 Months (SR Level)
• Ruby Soliman – 4 Months (SR Level)
• Tiana Knight – 4 Months (SR Level)
• Whitney Bogart – 15 Months (SR Level)

Congratulations to everyone recommended! We are excited about the upcoming months and the build-up to the Paralympic Games!

If anyone has any questions, please contact James.


James Thompson
High Performance Director
Directeur de la Haute Performance