Do you know why Santa started wearing bells?
….So that people who are blind and partially sighted could hear him when he comes to town!

Bells play such a big role during the holiday season; we hear them almost everywhere we go.
The jingle of bells, like those on Santa’s sleigh and his reindeer, create a melody of hope, reminding us of the joy and togetherness that the holidays bring. They bring visions of warm hot chocolate by the fire, eggnog, and so many other wonderful holiday traditions.

But for us, the ring of a bell brings a different type of hope – let me explain this. One of the central features of Goalball is the bell inside the ball. The bell tells the blind and partially sighted athletes where the ball is so that they can try to block it. With every ring, jingle, and sound that the bell makes, the athletes get closer to knowing it’s exact location. And if they know where the ball is, they can prevent the other team from scoring.

Each ring of the bell brings our athletes closer to their dreams of success at the 2024 Paris Paralympic Games. Last month, our Women’s National Goalball Team qualified for the 2024 Paris Paralympic Games. This is a huge accomplishment but is only an early step.

As an organization, we have the enormous task of ensuring that the Women’s National Team is ready for Paris This involves ramping up training, attending tournaments in preparation, and paving the financial roads for our athletes.

This holiday season, we asking for your help. For the cost of a goalball you can add a bell to our chorus of bells…you can add the jingle of hope for our athletes to hear as they prepare themselves.

Can you spare $100 this holiday season?

Marc Seguin
CBSA Executive Director
P.S. Yes, it’s true, goalball’s cost over $100 each! Modified sports use specialized equipment that is often extremely expensive.