National Team Pool Selection

Sept 9, 2020 – It is with great excitement that I announce the Canadian Blind Sports National Team Pool for the 2020-2021 season.

Despite the ever-developing challenges of COVID-19, both squads cannot wait to get the International season started. With training camps due to start up in mid-November, all National Team members are currently working hard on their conditioning in their respective Province.

With Tokyo 2020 being the obvious highlight for the women’s team, there are also planned trips to Malmo and the Americas, with the Vancouver Grand Slam in March acting as a season starter. For the men, they too will be competing in the Vancouver Grand Slam, with the Americas headlining the International season.

Both coaches are very excited for the upcoming year, as the Head Coach of the women’s team Trent Farebrother explains “I am very pleased with the talent we have in the Women’s pool this year as we prepare for the Tokyo Paralympics next August. We have a strong mixture of experienced international players, and others who are up and coming on the world scene… It will be a very exciting year as we fine tune the team and peak for Tokyo.”

Nathalie Séguin agrees, “The Men’s national team pool is a great mix of experienced and development players that will be working together towards the team philosophy of developing our depth. We look forward in building up for Paris 2024.”

The National Team Pool is as follows:

• Abeer Hammad
• Amy Burk
• Brieann Baldock
• Emma Reinke
• Genevieve Hart
• Haley Olinyk
• Maryam Salehizadeh
• Meghan Mahon
• Tiana Knight
• Whitney Bogart

• Aaron Prevost
• Ahmad Zeividavi
• Blair Nesbitt
• Brice Parker
• Bruno Haché
• Doug Ripley
• John Tee
• Mason Smith
• Peter Parsons
• Rakibul Karim

James Thompson
High Performance Director
Directeur de la Haute Performance