Policy Summary: Social Media Policy

Note: This document is not the Social Media Policy. It is a summary of that policy. The definitive authority for matters related to this policy is the policy itself.

The Social Media Policy protects all participants of the Canadian Blind Sports Association and its participating members from misconduct which may occur on social media. It outlines the types of behaviors which are prohibitive on social media, and indicates that violations of the Policy may be subject to the discipline and Complaints Policy.

The following types of behaviour may be subject to disciplinary action:
• Posting a disrespectful, hateful, harmful, disparaging, insulting, or otherwise negative comment, picture, altered picture, or video on a social medium that is directed at a Participant, at the Organization, at a Participating Member, or at other individuals;
• Creating or contributing to a Facebook group, webpage, Instagram account, Twitter feed, blog, or online forum devoted solely or in part to promoting negative or disparaging remarks or commentary about the Organization or its Participating Members, their stakeholders, or their reputation;
• Inappropriate personal or sexual relationships over a social medium; and,
• Any instance of cyber-bullying or cyber-harassment between one Individual and another Individual.

The policy indicates that participants should be aware that their social media activity may be viewed by anyone, including the Organization, Participating Members or other Participants. It says that if the Organization or a Participating Member unofficially engages with a Participant in social media (such as by retweeting a tweet or sharing a photo on Facebook) the Individual may ask the Organization or the Member to stop the engagement. It specifies that, when using social media, a Participant must model appropriate behaviour befitting the Individual’s role and status in connection with the Organization or the Participating Member.

It goes on to say that removing content from social media after it has been. posted will not excuse the Individual from being subject to the Discipline and Complaints Policy.

A participant who believes that another Individual’s social media activity is inappropriate or may violate the policies and procedures of CBSA or a Participating Member should report the matter under the Discipline and Complaints Policy.