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Canadian Blind Sports NextGen camp

The 2018-2019 Goalball season has already started and we are pleased to announce that Montreal will be hosting the first Canadian Blind Sports NextGen camp of the season. It will take place in Montreal after the open tournament from January 27th to 29th. For more information or if you have any questions please contact Nathalie Séguin, or 418-446-3339. Registration for athletes is required. Have a good season! (more…)

National Team Pool 2018-2019

Please find below the athletes that have been named to the National Team Pool for 2018-2019.

Women’s Team:
Last Name, First Name, Province
Burk, Amy ONT
Hart, Genevieve ONT
Knight, Tiana AB
Olinyk, Haley BC
Mahon, Megan ONT
Baldock, Brieanne AB
Bogart, Whitney ONT
Hargrave, Meaghan AB
Morin, Nancy QUE
Pang, Amanda BC
Reinke, Emma ONT
Soliman, Ruby AB

Men’s Team:
Last Name First Name Province
Parker, Brice ONT
Ghebreyohanes, Aron AB
Richard, Simon NS
Tremblay, Simon QUE
Zeividavi, Ahmad BC
Gaulin, Brendan BC
Hache, Bruno QUE
Nesbitt, Blair AB
Parsons, Peter NS
Prevost, Aaron AB
Ripley, Doug BC
Smith, Mason NS

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Shane Esau, HPD at or Jane Blaine, CEO, at

Shane Esau, M.Kin., CSEP-CEP
High Performance Director

Association canadienne des sports pour aveugles
175 – 5055 rue Joyce Street,
Vancouver, BC V5R 6B2 Canada
Phone/téléphone: 604 419- 0480
Fax/télécopier: 604 419- 0481
Toll free Phone / sans frais: 1-877- 604- 0480

National Coaches Week 2018

The Canadian Blind Sports Association is proud to celebrate National Coaches Week 2018. The CBSA Staff and Board would like to recognise our coaches for their dedication and commitment in coaching our national teams over the past year and we wish them the best for the upcoming Goalball Season.

Please Watch our video #ThanksCoach

Team Canadian, IBSA 2018 Goalball World Championships

May 31, 2018 – The Canadian Blind Sports Association would like to wish the athletes and staff who have been selected to represent Canada in the Goal Ball World Championships in Malmo Sweden June 3-8 2018 safe travels and the very best in the tournament. (more…)

2017-2018 Goalball National Team Pool

Here is the list of athletes who have qualified for the 2017-2018 National Team Pool.

Last Name First Name Province             Position
Burk Amy ONT             Center
Hart Genevieve ONT             center
Knight Tiana AB             center
Mahon Meghan ONT             center
Baldock Brieanne AB             Wing
Hargrave Meaghan AB             Wing
Morin Nancy QUE             wing
Orgeles Cassie ONT             Wing
Reinke Emma ONT             wing
Soliman Ruby AB             wing
Hommes – Men
Last Name First Name Province             Position
Richard Simon NS             center
Tee John BC             center
Tremblay Simon QUE             center
Zeividavi Ahmad BC             center
Gaulin Brendan BC             wing
Ghebreyohannes Aron AB             wing
Hache Bruno QUE             wing
Nesbitt Blair AB             wing
Parsons Peter NS             wing
Prevost Aaron AB             wing
Ripley Doug BC             wing
Smith Mason NS             wing