Policy Summary: Events Discipline Policy

Note: This document is not the Events Discipline Policy. It is a summary of that policy. The definitive authority for matters related to this policy is the policy itself.

This policy outlines the procedures which are to be followed when alleged misconduct occurs at events held by CBSA and its participating members.

It applies to all events sanctioned by CBSA and its Participating Members.

If an event is sanctioned by an organization other than CBSA or a participating member, the procedures of the host organization will apply; however, incidents involving Participants connected with CBSA and a participating member such as Athletes, coaches, and Directors and Officers, must still be reported to be addressed under the Discipline and Complaints Policy.

It specifies that incidents which occur during a competition, away from the area of competition, or between parties connected to the Event, must be reported to a designated person (usually the chief official) responsible at the Event.

That person will then proceed to:
o Notify the involved parties that there has been an incident that violated or potentially violated the Code of Conduct and Ethics;
o Convene a jury of either one person or three people to determine whether a violation has occurred. The designated person at the Event may serve on the jury
o The jury will interview and secure statements from any witnesses to the alleged violation.

If the violation occurred during a competition, interviews will be held with the officials who officiated or observed the competition and, when necessary, with the coaches and captains of each team.

The jury will secure a statement from the person(s) accused of the violation. It will render a decision and determine a possible penalty.

Penalties may include any of the following, singularly or in combination:
A. Oral or written warning
B. Oral or written reprimand
C. Suspension from future competitions at the Event
D. Ejection from the Event
E. Any other appropriate penalty as determined by the jury

The jury does not have the authority to determine a penalty that exceeds the duration of the Event. A full written report of the incident and the jury’s decision shall be submitted to CBSA or the Participating Member. Further discipline may then be applied in accordance with the Discipline and Complaints Policy.

Decisions made pursuant to this Policy may not be appealed.

The Policy does not prohibit other Participants from reporting the same incident to be addressed as a formal complaint under the Discipline and Complaints Policy.

CBSA and its Participating Members shall record and maintain records of all reported incidents.