Policy Summary: Whistle Blowing Policy

Note: This document is not the Whistle Blowing Policy. It is a summary of that policy. The definitive authority for matters related to this policy is the policy itself.

This policy applies to Workers who become aware of incidents of potential wrongdoing committed by Directors or by other Workers within CBSA or a participating member.

Volunteers, spectators, parents of participants, or other individuals not employed or contracted by CBSA or a participating member are to report potential misconduct under the Discipline and Complaints Policy. They may also report it to CBSA’s Board of Directors or a senior staff person.

The purpose of the policy is to allow Workers to have a discrete and safe procedure to disclose incidents of wrongdoing without fear of unfair treatment or reprisal.

Matters reported under the policy may be heard under the Discipline and Complaints Policy at the discretion of the Compliance Officer.

CBSA and its Participating Members pledge not to dismiss, penalize, discipline, or retaliate or discriminate against any Worker who discloses information or submits, in good faith, a report against a Worker under the terms of the policy.

The policy specifies that a worker who believes that a Participant has committed an incident of wrongdoing should prepare a report that includes:
o a written description of the act or actions that comprise the alleged wrongdoing;
o the identities and roles of other people or Participants (if any) who may be aware of, affected by, or complicit in, the wrongdoing;
o why the act or action should be considered wrongdoing; and,
o how the wrongdoing affects the person submitting the report.

Brian Ward, CBSA Safe Sport Ombuds at safesport_wwdrs@primus.ca, has been identified as the compliance Officer who will receive reports made under this Policy.

After receiving a report he will assure the person of CBSA’s pledge (see above).

If the individual submitting the report believes the Compliance Officer cannot act in an unbiased manner, he will connect them with the Alternate Liaison identified in the policy.

The CBSA compliance Officer will also determine if the report is frivolous, vexatious, or it has not been submitted in good faith. They will determine if the Whistleblower Policy applies or if the matter should be handled under the Discipline and Complaints Policy or another policy.

They will determine if the local police service should be contacted, decide if
mediation or alternate dispute resolution can be used to resolve the issue, and identify if the senior staff person and/or Board of Directors of CBSA or the participating member should be notified of the report.

Depending on this determination, the Compliance Officer will begin an investigation. Such an investigation may be contracted out to an external investigator. In this case, CBSA’s senior staff person and/or Board of Directors may not unreasonably refuse.

The investigator will:
o conduct a follow up interview;
o follow up with the Worker who submitted the report;
o identify workers, participants, volunteers or other people that may have been affected by the wrongdoing;
o conduct interviews with the affected individuals;
o conduct an interview with the Director(s) or Worker(s) against whom the report was submitted; and,
o request all relevant documents which could include but are not limited to copies of emails, text messages, contracts and / or relevant policies.

The investigator will prepare a report which will be submitted to the organization’s senior staff person and/or Board of Directors for review and action.

Within 14 days after receiving the Investigator’s Report, the senior staff person and/or Board of Directors will take corrective action, as required.

Decisions made under the policy may be appealed under the terms of the Appeal Policy under certain conditions.