Vision, Mission and Values

Vision, Mission, Values and Strategies


Canadians who are blind will lead the world in Goalball and will enjoy full inclusion in all aspects of Canadian Sport for Life.


Canadian Blind Sports Association governs Goalball in Canada and as an expert in blindness, advocates within the sport system for Canadians who are blind/visually impaired.


Athlete-focused: We believe that decisions made at all levels of the CBSA should reflect the fact that athletes are the reason the organization exists
Coach-led: We believe that coaches should be provided with the appropriate education and resources to enable them to lead in the development of high performance athletes.
Volunteer-led, staff driven, organization: We value, respect, trust and care about our volunteers and staff who are trained and conduct themselves professionally, ethically and with integrity. Revised 2006 02
Ethically-based: We will pursue excellence within an ethical environment that does not tolerate the use of banned substances and methods, is harassment free and supports equity and access for all athletes, coaches and volunteers.
Note: Access includes, but is not limited to; availability of both official languages of Canada, and access to information and facilities for individuals who are blind/visually impaired.
Added 2006 02


The CBSA approved the following Strategic Directions with goal statements.

Participation: An increased number of persons who are blind or visually impaired are involved in sport (as athletes, coaches, officials, volunteers) at all levels (community, provincial, national, and international).

Excellence: Canada’s Goalball teams (men and women) are consistently achieving podium performances at the Paralympics and World Championship levels through an integrated athlete development system.

Capacity: CBSA supports employed and professionally trained coaches, trained officials and volunteers, and high calibre sport science and sport medicine practitioners, led by a well-governed volunteer Board, and directed by professionally qualified staff, reflecting a commitment to a technically and ethically sound and safe program of Goalball. Revised 2006 02

Interaction: CBSA is connected within the Canadian sport system and internationally and is recognised by its members, other sport organizations, and the public, as a valued representative of Goalball and an expert on blindness for sport system participants who are blind or visually impaired.